I should have bought the tie.

NY-1I’m going to tell you a story about this picture. Clearly, there’s more going on than you can tell right off the bat. I’m pouting in front of FAO Schwarz! Okay. This photo was taken in March 2013 when I was in New York City for the College Media Association’s (CMA) annual journalism conference.

The group I was with on this trip were all senior editors in the journalism program at CBU. I was one of the few (okay the only person) who had ever been to NYC, so while the rest of them wanted to tour and basically see everything, I just wanted a Belgian waffle and to see a show on Broadway and I would be set for a while. The other thing on my list was to go to this store. I had one thing in mind: the Harry Potter section. Oh yes, this is one of my tragic “I’ve missed out on yet another Harry Potter thing and my life is completely lacking as a result” stories. Deal with it.

Keep in mind: this is almost an entire year after the greater part of the Harry Potter franchise had “ended” (but let’s face it, Harry Potter will always find ways to make a resurgence into our lives).

I’ve been to NYC two other times: 8th grade for my historic studies tour with my entire class and my senior year of high school with choir for a choral music festival. The trip my senior year of high school was similar to the one in the picture above: my mom, best friend and I had already been to NYC. So we really didn’t have the same desires to see the Statue of Liberty on a ferry. (It’s honestly not that cool anymore because you can’t even go inside. But I digress.) What did my mom, Victoria and I do? Pretty much walked from the East Harlem side of Central Park, saw bits of the Upper East and West Side, and may have cut into Times Square. Most of that was walking, but we did manage to hail a cab just for the sake of saying we hailed a cab. #tourists


One stop we absolutely wanted to make was to FAO Schwarz. (Mostly for the big piano.) When we got there we realized that they had an ENTIRE SECTION dedicated to Harry Potter stuff. Victoria and I were honestly in heaven and I may have screamed a little bit because I was so excited.

Of course we wanted to buy everything. Duh. We ended up trying a bunch of things on and only walking out with some toy replica Harry Potter glasses (which I still have in my room, those things are a TREASURE). We didn’t want to spend all our trip money in one place… well, one thing led to another and on the flight home we looked at each other and realized we could have bought the ties and hats we both had tried on and still had money to spare. #damnitall


My senior year of college was my chance. I was going to get that tie if it was the last thing I did on this earth. Of course, I would also pick one up for Victoria. But this time I would pick our correct Houses. Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. (Victoria if I got that wrong, I apologize. But I do believe you told me you got placed in Gryffindor. If not it was Ravenclaw.)

I WALKED THAT ENTIRE STORE FIVE TIMES. I checked with a store manager, not an employee, a manager. The Harry Potter section was gone “because they’re done making movies and the franchise is basically finished.” How dare they. I walked out of that store on the verge of tears. I was being laughed (and I’m sure you’re laughing at me now, as you read this) because what 21 year old person cries over Harry Potter anything? I do. All the time.

Five years after I graduated high school and I’m still mad about this. Victoria, we should have bought those ties. When they invent time travel we’re going back to that year and making our 17 year old selves buy.the.ties.

This is my only regret from high school. Okay life. This is my only life regret.


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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    One is never too old to cry over HP 🙂

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