And they all call me Bonnie Jean.

892124_4707434089336_265601284_oI mentioned in my post about my 2013 that I interviewed for and got my dream job, but I didn’t really go into much detail about what that actually is: Basically, I’m going to be a traveling yearbook sales rep for Walsworth Yearbooks. Yearbook reps already travel within their assigned regions. My job won’t permanently assign me anywhere. I’ll be filling in for reps who need to go on medical/maternity leave or who retire and the company needs someone to fill in while they interview for a permanent replacement. It’s very likely that I won’t live in one place much longer than a month or two. I know. Insanity.

I get to travel all over the US and work with all sorts of different high schools on their yearbooks. Guys, I’m officially a yearbook professional. I’m still in shock over it all. YEARBOOK is going to be my CAREER. WHAT?

Now let’s get into how I got through this whole thing. Late October, I got an email from my college yearbook adviser letting me know that Walsworth was recruiting for sales reps and that I should seriously consider sending them an email. Hah. She didn’t have to tell me twice.

I sent them five sentences. I got a phone call a few days later.

That first phone call wasn’t an interview, it was really just to give me information about the job. If I liked what I heard, we would proceed with the whole interview process. Obviously, I liked what I heard. Obviously.

So we set up my first interview for a Thursday. When we finally talked, I had my interviewer laughing for probably 80% of the phone call. Not that I was trying to do it, it sorta just happened that way. At this point, Walsworth just thought I really loved yearbook. Little did they know.

Not even 24 hours later, I got a phone call to set up my second interview for the following Monday. Made it through that interview, and halfway I was asked, “How haven’t you been scooped up yet by some big company for design or photography? You seem more than qualified, is it really that difficult to find a job out in California?” Yes, it is that difficult and I have no idea, maybe because all my skills point directly to yearbook. Hint. The second interview ended with them sending me a personality test, and a plan for a Skype call to talk about the results. The next day. *hyperventilation*

Took the test. We talked about it. It was actually perfect because it gave me a chance to talk about my experiences as Managing Editor and how it related to my personality. It also gave me a chance to start to let out the yearbook psycho that was dormant inside my soul. Okay it’s never been dormant. WHATEVER.

That was three interviews in five days. Then they told me to wait to hear from the area manager, but I should be expecting a call soon. Then I didn’t get one for a full three weeks. Oh man. I was stress city. I completely convinced myself that I didn’t get the job. Which really annoyed everyone.

I finally got a call from the area manager, and the next day I was invited to come to Kansas City for an in person interview. Invited. Meaning I got flown out to Kansas City.

Those are the Instagram posts from my travels. It was my first “business” trip and I have to say, it was pretty neat. I had a layover in Phoenix, where I ate the most delicious BLT of my entire life. I arrived in Kansas City at about 8pm, local time, and was picked up by a car service which drove me to my hotel. When I got there I realized I was ravenous and completely wired from nerves. So, like my momma taught me, I had some wine. Totally did the trick.

The wine may have calmed my nerves, but it did nothing to help me sleep. I think I got three hours of sleep that night. Maybe. This was my elevator selfie from 6am, KC time. The hotel had a complimentary breakfast for me, but it didn’t start until 6:30am. What girl can get ready before breakfast is even ready? Apparently I can.

I was brought to the offices, which were right next door, and went through another three interviews. They kept asking me, “do you have any questions for us?” (Every job you ever interview for will want you to ask them questions, do your research and ask questions that are specific to the industry and company.)

By interview number three of the day I actually said, “I’ve been asked that question so many times and I honestly wish I had something to ask but since I’ve been asked it so many times I’m completely out of questions. I know that’s not at all what you want to hear but I swear this is almost the tenth interview I’ve gone through.”

The final question I was asked was, “Bonnie isn’t a very common name among women these days, especially your age. Have you met any other girls named Bonnie and what makes you unique?” This was where I said, “I was named after my Nama. I actually have met other girls named Bonnie, but not another Bonnie Jean. I can tell you for a fact that Bonnie Jeans are an entirely different breed of Bonnie.”


The response to my answer was probably the best: everyone at Walsworth calls me Bonnie Jean. A lot of people call me Bonnie Jean, but it’s mostly family members. Sometimes I get it from my friends. But I’ve never had an employer use my full name. I pretty much love it more than words can say.

Immediately after my interviews were over, I was taken to lunch and then very quickly picked up to head back to the airport for my flight home. When I was in line for security, I was chatting about my interviews with a sweet older gentleman standing behind me who said, “Well they should have hired you right on the spot just because that dress is beautiful.”

I was on four flights in 24 hours and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever done. The day after I got home, I got the final phone call. They offered me the job. As luck would have it, I was with Victoria. It’s funny to think we were yearbook editors together our senior year, and she got to be there when yearbook came full circle for me. She was with me when we called our high school yearbook adviser, and it was the best thing. Since then, I still know there are people (family members) who don’t know the full story and I still have people asking me what it is I’ll be doing.

I literally cannot believe that yearbook has brought me here. Today I got my contracts and offer letter in the mail, and I’ll be sending them off in the morning. I am offically a Yearbook Sales Trainee.


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