I don’t think you have enough room.

IMG_3810There is ONE DEGREE in the air. One. This is the most unbelievable cold. No I’m not going to get over it, I will beat this subject to death. I had a layover in Chicago. So I didn’t have to step outside until I reached Kansas City.

Good Lord. I stepped outside and felt it go to my core. I am skin and bones. I felt all of the cold, even with all my layers.

So anyways. I got three ish hours of sleep last night, got to the airport, flew Southwest. Learned they do seating rather interesting. It’s a free for all! This mom and her son were standing in front of me in line, she explained how it works. I was like oh hey you seem nice. Nope.

There was an empty seat next to her, so I took it. And then listened to her berate her kid for two hours about how she couldn’t believe it was taking him so long to do his homework, yet at the same time she was feeding him the answers and acting like the grades affected her. Okay. I am the last person to tell a mom how to be a mom. But um… If you want your kid to learn, don’t you think you should let them do it? Anyways, she seemed nice, and then I heard her speak.

I was ridiculously hungry by the time I got to Chicago. I got a tuna panini and devoured it in about five minutes flat. Got on my second plane, basically could have had a whole row to myself if I wanted. It was a mostly empty flight. Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

I quite enjoy this being flown places for work deal. I was picked up by a car service. Oh sorry, a limo. I was picked up by a limo. My driver said, “I’m not sure you’re going to have enough room in the backseat…” Sure.

Like I said, whole new kind of cold. Not a fan of it. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that I wasn’t also wearing a scarf when I walked out of the airport. I was curled up in a ball in the limo because, even though the heat was on, I was so.cold.

I got to the hotel. Or so I thought. Guess who was dropped off at the wrong hotel? To give my driver credit, the Courtyard Marriot and the Marriot are pretty easy to mix up. Anyways, it’s pretty difficult to check in when you’re not supposed to be staying at that hotel. Oopsie.

I got to my hotel. I’m all unpacked. I forgot a hairbrush. Let the Hunger Games begin.


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