“We can’t all be Bonnie Koenn.”

I have officially survived the first day.

It was actually pretty great. I learned a lot more than I expected to. That’s a lie, I knew I was going to be overloaded with information, but I don’t think I expected to pick it up as quickly as I have so far.

Currently, I’m sitting in my hotel room doing my homework for training. Yeah, more homework. It’ll never end. It’s not agonizing, just a thing I have to do. SO DAY ONE.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

First, this picture is me standing in front of a wall full of yearbooks. There are probably 1000 yearbooks in that room. Okay maybe not 1000. But that’s not even half of them.

There are two other people in my class. I am officially the baby of the office. We had some really good opening talks with the president and head of sales for the company. I think my favorite thing about this job is that titles don’t seem to mean anything in regards to how everyone interacts with each other. The president opened things up by asking us to tell him about ourselves. Of course, I shamelessly showed off my wonderful 4th place photo. It was a hit.

We got to talking about the specific things we were going to be learning and doing in our jobs. In the middle of the talk I was told, “you’re going to want to just design the whole yearbook, for everyone. You don’t get to do that.” It’s like he read my mind or something.  He talked about how I’ll probably have a leg up over quite a number of topics the next two weeks because of my yearbook experience, but that since “we can’t all be Bonnie Koenn” I’m going to need to share my wealth of knowledge with my classmates.

It was an all around good day. Learned a lot of good things, and I’m excited for more tomorrow.


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