I’m not usually a coffee drinker.

imageProcessed with VSCOcam with p2 presetIt’s not that I hate the stuff, I just wouldn’t choose to drink it on a regular basis. I admit that I’m a total caffeine addict. Not a coffee addict. Yet for some reason, whenever I’m put in an office setting, I can’t get enough coffee in my body. Praise the Maker for the teeth whitening action in Photoshop. Yes, I do that all the time. You would do the same thing if you had that power.

So today was day three of training. We basically learned the ins and outs of covers and endsheets. It’s totally a nerd thing and I can’t get enough of it. Don’t be surprised if I start rattling off cover options at the drop of a hat. It’s just another one of those things you’re going to have to deal with.

 We totally didn’t notice it until this afternoon, but this sign is in the front of the office. Totally rad.

We met with the girls from Marketing, and they’re my favorite. They went over all sorts of different ways to market ourselves and help our schools sell their yearbooks. I learned about this thing called the CJE (Certified Journalism Educator) and basically discovered my other calling. It’s happening. Give it a few months. My new title is going to be: Bonnie Jean Koenn, CJE.

Also, I feel like I should talk about my outfits of the week. Most of you know that I was in choir at CBU, and part of the requirement for that was wearing business casual attire to rehearsals and traveling to churches for concerts. I’ve kept up with collecting these types of clothes because you NEVER know when they’ll come in handy. I prefer sheath dresses and pencil skirts over slacks, because they make me look curvier than I actually am. I had someone ask where I got most of my wardrobe, so here’s where I got my outfits that I’ve worn over the last couple days.

Today: pencil skirt from Target, top from NY&Co, necklace from Forever 21, watch from Fossil, nude pumps from Target. Yesterday was literally the same story. Monday was a sheath dress from H&M.

A pencil skirt is a staple that every woman needs in her closet. I stand by that. I don’t care about your height or size, there is a pencil skirt that will work for you. You just need to have the patience to find it. Target has really great basic pieces, I’m also a fan of their trousers and basic heels. NY&Co is a little on the pricey side, but they make things that are really flattering and can be dressed up or down, also they’re fairly good quality and will last if you know how to take care of them. H&M is kinda where you have to hunt, but generally they’ve got some really nice things if you know where to look.

I will say this: appropriate business attire means your skirt/dress goes to your knees and the girls up top are secure and covered.

Also, nylons and tights are your BEST friend. They help keep blisters away AND they cover up legs that haven’t been shaved in two weeks because of dull razors that are reserved for armpits and laziness and the overall desire to insulate the legs as much as you can with so little body fat. That’s my reality. You’re welcome for that information.


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