You forgot the one thing I told you not to.

I’m generally pretty good about packing for long trips.  My favorite thing to do near the end of the packing experience is send a text to my most trusted people asking, “what am I forgetting?”

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This exchange actually happened between me and my Santa Barbara hero:

What am I forgetting? “Glasses.” No I should be fine, they’re sitting next to my bed. I’m going to put them on after I shower/before I leave my house and wear them on the plane. “You should probably put them in your purse or something.”

Did I listen? Nope. I got to my gate and realized I was completely without my spectacles. I left them on my bed. Of course I texted him. “You forgot the one thing I told you not to!” Yeah well I should have put them in my purse. You were right. Let’s not fight. I’ll do the dishes this week. “Psh yeah right.” Dishes and laundry. Final offer. “Fine.” Fine. We don’t live together. It’s a joke. We say dumb things like this all the time. You should have witnessed how ridiculous we sounded when we discovered we have the same blood type. It was PRECIOUS.

I got in touch with my parents and they put my glasses in the mail the next day. They got here this afternoon. PRAISE the Maker. My eyes were getting really exhausted from everything. Which was only amplified by my brain being turned to mush with all the information I’m attempting to absorb.

I cannot even begin to explain to you all how much I abhor anything to do with numbers. The last time I did any math in a classroom setting was fall 2009. My brain hurts. Today was actually really frustrating, but only because I just couldn’t pick up the numbers part as quickly as I wanted to. In general, I was just feeling completely burnt out. Day four of training has come and gone (Thank God), tomorrow we’re doing a big review of everything we’ve learned so far, and then Saturday we’re taking our first assessment.

My job description is slowly clearing up, and I’m starting to get a better idea of what my life might actually look like over the coming months. Oh and also, it’s Lent. I’ve given up red meat and I’m diving head first into Proverbs and Romans. I’m actually pretty excited for this. I couldn’t figure out what made me feel so compelled to participate in Lent this year, but then it dawned on me:

This job is Jesus working in my life. This is the job I’ve dreamed about since I was 15. I want to know what could happen by surrendering something that I honestly consume way too much of (and it does not always make my body feel good) while I immerse myself into the divine appointment I know was placed in my life.

Five days of tech training down, eight to go.


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