I’m losing my touch.

I was in choir for 13 years. It wasn’t until college that the performance dress code was made a bit stricter, meaning the women were required to wear control top pantyhose underneath our dresses. Whatever, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. The cool thing was, I never once had a run in my pantyhose. Not in five semesters of concerts and two spring tours. Never.

And then I get to Kansas City and it only took three days for a run to reach from my crotch to my shin. STUPID. #losingmytouch

So we got through day five of training. Honestly there wasn’t too much new material that we went over. It was a review day for our test in the morning. Yeah. Test. Thankfully it’s “open book” of sorts, and we’re allowed to use our reference materials. We got back to the hotel,  I put on yoga pants and ordered myself dinner.

I had been talking about pizza all day, little did I know that Overland Park has a Rosati’s Pizza. Which is hands down in my top three favorite pizzerias in the country. Chicago style pizza. It’s the only way to pizza.

We all studied for about an hour. Now I’m catching up on HIMYM and I’m so mad I can’t even deal. I read a theory. It’s a horrible theory. We were all mad about the series finale of LOST, this is worse.

Dylan wants me to blog about sushi and his class. That’s as much as I’m saying about it. #nocontext


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