Can you come back in an hour?

Week one has come and gone. I’ve been in Overland Park for seven days. I’ll be home in five, but just for a week. Then I’m back for another five days of sales training. After that, I’ll either head home until my first assignment or I’ll be shipped off to some region where I have a role to fill. Seems a bit confusing, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it is.

We had our first assessment (there’s one more on Friday) yesterday morning. It’s required for us to get at least a 70% on the test, I got an 85%. Not too shabby. Basically the thing that got me was the numbers questions.

After our test was over, the other girl in training and I wanted to go get our nails done. We went out to lunch, first, then probably walked into about five nail salons (on the drive back in the direction of our hotel) hoping to get in a chair. Did it happen? Nope. Every single place we went asked us if we could come back. We didn’t want to, because it was pretty much nap time. #foodcoma

We had to stop at CVS to pick some things up. I ended up getting some new nail polish (Essie, Bikini So Teeny) and this matte top coat. Apparently matte nails are trendy. I had this revelation: not only are they trendy, THEY FEEL LIKE SUEDE ON MY FINGERTIPS. I’m addicted. I’m never going back to regular clear nail polish ever again.

Not only am I suffering from jet lag (still), but now I have the lovely annoyance of Daylight Savings Time. I basically spent all of today sleeping, working on photos and watching movies on TBS. It was great.

Training is taking a slight turn this week, we’re getting into more tech-y stuff. Also we get to go visit the plant where all the yearbooks are printed. Apparently it’s the most exciting thing ever and all the sales reps (really anyone who works here) rave about it? Okay I’m totally downplaying how excited I am for this. I get to watch a machine print a yearbook. I GET TO WATCH A MACHINE PRINT A YEARBOOK.



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