Vaccinations aren’t the problem, you are.


Look out, Bonnie’s about to get her rant on.

Also a disclaimer: I am not a parent and this is not a post telling parents how to be parents. You do you. I totally believe you have your kid’s best interests at heart. But you bet your vegan sugar free shitty tasting organic brownies that I’m 100% against the anti-vaxxer movement and have already informed boyfriend that we will vaccinate AND homeschool if we have children in a time where children aren’t required to be vaccinated. I am also a white woman who runs a small business. Yes, all these points are relevant.

This is not a debate about if you should or should not vaccinate. I’m not interested in hearing the crunchy reasons not to vaccinate.

I love you either way you swing on any issue.

A friend shared a post that included this photo and I can’t get over it. The caption read: “Does this picture make you sick? Consider this: If SB277 does not get overturned my children and about 200,000 others in CA will not even be able to GO TO THE WATER FOUNTAIN at school. They have been labeled as PERMANENTLY UNWELCOME. Lawmakers’ logic is it’s necessary as these healthy children *MAY* get a disease, even though there are already policies and procedures in place to send sick children home if there is any type of outbreak.” (It should also be noted that the original poster of this photo is a white woman.)

Wait. Wait…. HOLD UP.

Ma’am, are you actually comparing your privileged white child to that of millions of members of the Black Community who were lynched, beaten, and treated like scum of the earth because you don’t want to vaccinate your child to protect them from diseases that we ERASED? Seriously? This is the route you’re taking to argue your perspective?

I don’t care that the anniversary of Women’s Suffrage shared a day with National Dog Day. I love to vote and I love dogs. I call that having cake and eating it.
I do care about this comparison. I completely have a problem with privileged white women equating their experience over a CHOICE they’re making to that of what the Black Community has be subjected to live through for so many generations because of something they CANNOT choose. How absolutely ignorant do you have to be to think this is acceptable?

Many of my friends are medical professionals — I trust them with my life — they are ALL pro-vaccinations. I get regular (and by regular, I mean when my doctor tells me) boosters for whooping cough and TB and measles and whatever else because a lot of my friends have babies and I don’t want to be the reason they contract a completely preventable disease. I was vaccinated for Chicken Pox when I was a kid, I was also vaccinated for just about everything else in the book. And guess what? I’m alive and I’m mostly not that fucked up in the head and I never had chicken pox. I believe in perpetuating herd immunity by getting myself vaccinated. I will cover myself in hand sanitizer if it makes you feel better about me being within 50 feet of your newborn. I believe in science, I believe in Jesus. I LOVE CAKE AND EATING IT.

Look, guys, we’re all going to die some day. That is the only guarantee that we have in this life. Death. And you know what? If you believe in a merciful Savior who paid the price for you who is waiting for you in heaven, that shouldn’t scare you. I totally believe that God gave us humans to figure out science and to be like HEY GUYS GUESS HOW WE CAN ENJOY THE EARTH AND SEE A BUNCH OF IT WITHOUT DYING OF POLIO?! I also totally believe that we’re required to love God, others and life.

So to the white woman who probably definitely never experienced racism first hand who originally posted this photo with that caption, I (another white woman who loves many people of all colors) am lovingly saying this:

You’re out of your mind. Go check your privilege. The vaccinations aren’t the problem, you are.

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